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Welcome to our Battle Ground Roofing page. We’d like to offer you some roofing services. Also, to get the full scoop about the services that our roofers provide, here is a list of the roof services below.

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Furthermore, you can access more information about some of the roofing materials we use below. Also, we carry, work with and install the following roofing products and more:

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More Battleground WA History Here

The city of Battle Ground is ironically named for the absence of a battle. Further, in 1855 many of the soldiers at the nearby U.S. Army Fort Vancouver were away fighting an uprising by the Yakima Indian tribe. Also, nervous settlers organized a company of volunteers to guard the undermanned fort. As a result, fearing an uprising by the friendly Klickitat Tribe, the volunteers ordered them into the fort.

Continuing, some of the Klickitats escaped, so post commander Captain Strong led a detachment of volunteers to bring them back. They overtook the Klickitats near the current location of the city. But, rather than engaging them in battle, Captain Strong talked them into agreeing to return to the fort peacefully. Also, somehow during this episode the Klickitat leader, Chief Umtuch, was slain. Consequently, the circumstances of his death are unclear: some said he was killed by a soldier, others by an accidental gunshot from his own men. In any event, the Klickitats promised to return to the fort after burying their chief, a ceremony that would take several days, so Strong returned without them.

Lastly, the settlers had been expecting a battle, and when Strong returned empty-handed, they accused him of cowardice. Also, the Klickitats did return as promised, but criticism of Strong continued. In conclusion, the women of the fort awarded him a petticoat of many colors in mock celebration of his courage. And, the area where the Klickitats were encountered became known as “Strong’s Battle Ground”, and later simply Battle Ground WA


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