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GAF Roofing Shingles Material, roofing services vancouver wa; roofing vancouver wa; roofing vancouver washington; tile roofers vancouver wa; vancouver commercial roofing; vancouver roofers; vancouver roofers reviews;According to many experts, it was the GAF roofing shingles material company that really took the idea that shingles were actually more than just a shingle. It is a roofing system! In many ways, they are industry leaders. Our Vancouver Roofers CARE over here would like to introduce you to the GAF line of roofing system and materials.

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The GAF Roofing shingles company has been putting up roofs since 1886 and boast to be the largest manufacturer in the US today. Also, they have part of the American landscape and can have people like Henry Fonda as a company spokesperson. Moreover in 2012, they were the first company to offer a Lifetime Guarantee for entire roofing systems.

Please also note that one of the leading roofing products from the GAF stable is their Deck Armor. A super premium underlayment that is exceptionally strong and very breathable. Regardless of which shingle a roofer might choose, the Deck Armor is often a must.

Consider that it’s been tested to be up to 600% more tear resistant than standard felt underlay. The breathable technology helps to prevent mold or mildew by stopping moisture in becoming trapped.

GAF shingles are popular all over the US, and are available both locally and online. They are particularly a favorite in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware where every variant and color are readily available.

Lifetime GAF Roofing Shingles System

GAF Lifetime Roofing System: If you select one of the GAF Lifetime Shingles and 3 other accessories (that qualify) then the whole roofing system is guaranteed with a lifetime limited warranty.

GAF Timberline shingle: The most popular GAF shingle is undoubtedly their Timberline shingle. They are durable and dimensional. The range has a massive palette of shades and colors. With over 200,000 trained roofers, it’s easy to find an expert in installing GAF shingles. Furthermore, when you do you’ll know that they are installed properly and the Lifetime Warranty and testing that they can withstand up to 130 m/p/hr.

GAF Roofing Shingles Summary:

If you want peace of mind, expertly trained Vancouver roofers and a massive selection of styles and colors available then GAF roofing shingles products are worth looking at. Especially, the GAF Armor, which is industry leading, and their award winning Timberline shingle line.

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