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IKO Cambridge Line, Roofing companies VancouverIKO Cambridge Line Specifications

Size: 1038 mm x 349 mm (40 7/8″ x 13 3/4″)
Exposure: 149 mm (5 7/8″)
Coverage Per Package: 3.1 m² (33.3 sq. ft.)
Qty Per Pallet: 56 bundles
Shingles Per Square: 60
Quantity Per Unit/Package: 20 shingles
Warranty Term: Limited Lifetime
Limited Wind Warranty Upgrade: 210 km/h / 130 mph
Fire Resistance Rating: Class A
Iron Clad Protection Period:1 5 years

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When I need a shingle that offers great flexibility for design and aesthetics, I’m immediately going to look at the IKO Cambridge Line Shingles.

I’ve used these shingles on classical and contemporary styled residential properties. They’ve also helped to give contrast or accentuate the design of the property. They are very popular with traditionally designed roofs especially from our local roofers found right here . They offer a vast array of colors and subtle variations. This makes them a great starting point when looking for the right Shingle.

They’re also pretty heavy for a shingle. It’s Cambridge’s heavyweight feature that offers more resistance against the weather. Moreover, probably the reason they can offer a Lifetime warranty and a Wind warranty upgrade of 210km/h. Depending on the location of the client’s property, this is often a reason I decide to use a IKO Cambridge Line Shingle.

I like IKO. As a company they’re reliable and I like the fact they’re family run. It means they can put standards before shareholder’s profits, which is not always the case. They’ve been in the roofing business for 60+ years. Coming from Belgium, they’ve been in the US for 35 years now so they’re really well established.

When it comes to asphalt shingles, they are particularly well respected and the Cambridge line is one of their more popular lines. Thanks to its warranty and choice. I don’t put everything on a reputation but when it comes to investing in a roof that you want to last for 30 years, knowing they’ve been around that long certainly helps.

IKO Cambridge Line Summary

They have a good selection of colors that can be used on a variety of property styles but really work well with traditional or faux traditional roofing designs.

They are a heavy shingle, made to be durable and come with warranties that show they can be trusted and a worthwhile long term invested regardless of the properties climate.

The Cambridge line is one of the more popular lines from one of the most respected residential property roofing specialists in the business, which is reassuring itself. The Vancouver roofers we employ are experts with this shingle lineup.

IKO Cambridge Line Shingle Description:

With a size of 1038 mm x 349 mm and exposure of 149 mm you can expect 3.1 m² of coverage and per package and 56 bundles to a pallet. There are 60 shingles per square and 20 shingles to a package. In terms of warranty, they have an overall Limited Lifetime warranty (check conditions) and a Wind Warranty Upgrade at 210 km/h. The IKO Cambridge Line have a fire resistance rating of Class A and an Iran Clad Protection Period of 5 years.

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