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roofing services Vancouver WashingtonThe Owens Corning Line Roofing Material is one of Americas top producer of affordable roofing shingles. You’ll want to seriously consider Owens Corning as a top choice when shopping for a durable and dependable roofing shingle.

When deciding which roofing shingle to use, you would have to consider Owens Corning Line. It’s been one of the most respected shingles in the industry. As well as, offering a variety of other roofing materials including ice and water barriers. Also, underlay and the more specific hip and ridge shingles.

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The Owens Corning company has been producing quality roofing products for well over 80 years and employs more than 15,000 workers around the world. In the US alone, they have over 29 facilities devoted to roofing products such as the roofing shingles.

The have developed a line of Shingles that is economy for every wallet. Their entry level shingle “Oakridge” is one of the most affordable shingle on the market.

It delivers many of the same high features as the most experienced brands of lines. Do you live in an area that isn’t greatly affected by strong winds or extreme weather conditions? It could be a practical solution when budgets are limited.

Owens Corning Line “Duration” & Their “Sure-Nail Tech”.

The Duration line is the real flagship of the shingle lines. It has a great look and some nice color options but, it’s the practicality of the shingle that really makes it stand out.

It has a stretched fabric, that sits over the area of the shingle that’s commonly known as the nailing strip. Owens Corning has called this “Sure-Nail Technology”.

It really helps with nail placement as it shows you exactly where to nail to get the most out of the shingle. Getting the shingle in the right place is going to make a massive difference to the integrity of the roof.

It really stands out in storm like conditions or high winds. It will also save you a lot of money in repairs. If you’re new to roofing or taking on a D.I.Y project, this extra support in getting the shingle placement right is going to result in a better quality roof.

Moreover, it will give you the confidence that you’re doing a good job. As you would expect with a company of the stature of Owens Corning. They have similar warranties for the shingle, and thanks to their Sure-Nail technology, they offer a wind warranty of 110 km/h.

Owens Corning Line Shingles Summary:

They have a baseline shingle, the Oakridge that are much more affordable shingles and suitable for homes that are not expecting severe weather conditions on a regular basis. They are perfect when you’re on a tight budget.

The Main Line, the Duration Line, boast a new “Sure-Nail” technology that supports professional and D.I.Y alike in nail placement. Our CARE Vancouver roofers can help you decide on whats best for your situation.

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