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Roof Replacement – 5 Simple Steps On How Our Roofers Replace A Roof

Roof replacement entails more than just nailing down the shingles. With modern roofing, effective replacement roofing will depend on an integrated system and an advanced material technology all aimed at offering the best protection possible for your home.

For most home owners, it’s a huge commitment to install a new shingle roof, and understanding the entire roofing process from the beginning to finish can be highly beneficial. However, there’s lots of information that you need to familiarize yourself with, from the total costs involved to the pitfalls you should look out for. All this will prepare you for a successful replacement, and help you avoid costly surprises along the way.

The Steps Vancouver Roofers CARE Will Use to Replace a Roof

Here is a rundown of the steps you should expect our roof replacement team to follow when replacing a roof. Whether you are replacing a slate, shingle, or a metal roof, the surface preparation process is always the same with most roofers.

1. Setup – Protecting the Property Is Top Priority

The first thing is to make sure the whole property is fully protected as the reroofing process is underway. This involves using tarps and protection plywood to protect the walls, siding, bushes, plants, etc.

2. Cleanup – Removing the old Roofing Materials

To allow for the inspection of the wood decking, all of the old shingles or other roofing materials need to be removed completely.

3. Closer Look – Inspecting the Current Roofing

A thorough inspection of the wood decking is ideally the starting point of every roofing replacement project. Any wet, soft, or rotten parts of the deck need to be replaced, so that a more solid base for the new roofing material can be created. Remember, this is quite important since you need to have a solid base for your structure if you want your roofing shingles to stay intact for a longer time.

Moreover, the wood sheeting has to be inspected so that it can properly be attached to the roof rafters. However, many roofing contractors tend to skip checking for missing nails during the removal of the old roofing materials. Therefore, installing new shingles without re-nailing the old decking might produce great results for the whole structure at first sight. But, it could spell trouble after a few weeks when you start to see bumps on your roof.

4. Roof  Replacement Setup – Roof Surface Preparation Proceedure

• Wood deck preparation:
To start, the whole wood decking is re-nailed to secure the whole roofing. Afterward, drip edge is also installed along the edges of the roof. Furthermore, it’s a piece of metal that bends at 90 degrees to prevent rain from penetrating beneath the roofing material on all of the edges.

• Water/Ice Shield Installation:
Moreover, this is a special form of underlayment that sticks to the wood deck to prevent any water leaks.

• Roofing Felt Installation:
Continuing, the rest of the roof is covered with roofing felt, to prevent the shingles from sticking to the wood.

5. The Laydown – Installing the New Roofing Material

Now, once the above steps are completed, the new roofing material can be laid out, working from the bottom up. Also, this will be followed by counter and or step flashing, ridge capping and ridge vent installation, as necessary.

In conclusion, aside from the above steps, the job site is cleaned on a daily basis. Also, once the roof replacement job is complete, a meticulous final inspection is conducted. In the end, this makes sure that the project was done correctly, and that the work meets your intentions.

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